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Why Have 3 Mile Domination Manage Your Self Storage Facility?

The self storage industry is not the hospitality industry, office space industry, medical supply industry, or the restaurant industry. The self storage industry is an industry unto itself. The self storage industry has its own laws, verbiage, nuances, and operational standards. Do not try to “go at it alone” or “learn on the fly”. 

Let 3 Mile Domination and our 34 years of combined experience help you reach your self-storage goals.

  •  We Install Self Storage Systems That Work!
  •  We Provide The Best Self Storage Manager                    Training In The Industry!
  •  We Will Install Marketing Strategies To                            Dominate Your Competition!
  •  We Will Increase Your Profits!
 We Will Eliminate Your Day to Day Hassles!  

Increase the profitability of your self storage property 
while you focus your time elsewhere. 
  •  Policy's & Procedures:  Install Policy's & Procedure's that promote systematic management.
  •  Hiring & Training: Install our proprietary Manager Hiring and Training System.
  •  Financial Management: Implement strong Financial Management.
  •  Facility Marketing:  Implement our proprietary self storage marketing and campaign tracking techniques.
  •  Maintenance & Repairs:  Monitoring and execution of day to day maintenance & repairs.
  •  Collections: Delinquency and Collection Management.
  •  Auctions & Lien Sales: Install and execute lien sale procedures and auctions.
  •  Vendor Review: Review, Negotiate, and Execute facility repairs in cooperation with facility vendors.
  •  Security Review: Monitoring and review of day to day facility safety systems.
We Will Provide The Best Training For Your Managers!

Do you really want a non properly trained manager running your 
multi-million dollar facility?  Neither do we! 
  •  Installation Of Our Proprietary Manager Hiring System: Use our proprietary system to find qualified self storage facility managers and stop wasting time during the hiring process.
  •  Sales Training: Provide sales training so your managers know how to close the sale with potential customers.
  •  Marketing Campaign Development & Execution: We will train your managers to execute marketing campaigns that actually work.
  •  Financial Training: We will give your managers a better understanding of the budget process.
  •  Revenue Management:  We provide training on the execution and necessity of revenue management techniques.
  •  Rental Agreement & Documents: We will provide training on all documents and procedures in regards to the self storage rental process.
  •  Technology: We will provide training on all technology relevant to operating a self storage facility.
  •  Auctions & Lien Sales: We will train your managers to correctly execute liens sale procedures, auctions, and collections procedures.
  •  Curb Appeal & Facility Maintenance:  We will train your managers how to keep your property looking beautiful. 
We Will Increase Your Profits!
Maximizing your NOI (net operating income) is our #1 priority.

  •  Projections:  We will advise and consult with you on the financial projections for your facility to provide the best return for your investment.
  •  Financial Reporting:  Regular financial reporting and consultation is provided to all clients.
  •  Facility Audits: Regular financial audits of your facility.  
  •  Expense ManagementWe will review all of your expenses to make sure your facility is efficiently using it's resources.
  •  Delinquency Management: Execute strategies to reduce delinquencies at your property. 
  •  Revenue Management:  Install revenue management techniques to maximize your facility's cash flow.
  •  Monthly Reporting: Detailed Monthly Reports about the operations and financial status of your facility.
  •  Investment Options:  We will advise you on any investment or exit strategies in regards to self storage development, acquisitions,  and sales.
We Will Design Marketing Strategies To Dominate Your Market!

Bring new customers to your facility instead of your competitors.

  •  Website Design and Optimization:  Advise on the installation of a effective, attractive, and user friendly website.
  •  Internet Marketing: Advise and Manage any Pay Per Click Campaigns, Claiming of Map and Places Placement, Claiming of Online Accounts such as Yelp, and all Social Media Marketing. 
  •  Video Marketing:  We will show you how to create YouTube video content for your website.  We will also implement strategies to attain video testimonials from your biggest fans (your current customers).
  •   Text Message Marketing: We will show you how to leverage the power of text message marketing at your facility.
  •  Email Marketing:  We will show you how to leverage email marketing to keep in contact with your customers.
  •  Reputation Management:  We will advise you on how to review what customers are saying about your facility. We will also advise you on how to increase the number of positive reviews on all rating/review websites such as: Google, Facebook and Yelp.  Advisement on all social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Google+.
  •  Promotional Items: We will advise you on the implementation of Referral Programs, Local Business Alliances, and other Promotional Items.
  •  Signage:  We will advise you on all signage on and off the property.
  •  Charitable: Customers like that businesses look to give back to the community. We will advise on available charities in the area.
  •  Campaign Tracking:  We use proprietary software systems to track your facility's marketing campaigns so your facility's marketing dollars are used efficiently.
  •  Return On Investment (ROI):  We will teach you how to calculate the ROI on each of your facility's marketing campaigns.
FREE Report Of The 10 Questions You Must Ask BEFORE You Hire A Self Storage Management Company. 
It can be a taxing process to hire the right management company and that's exactly why this piece of literature was put together.
  • What systems do that have in place for you to succeed?
  • What experience do they have?
  • What are their marketing strategies?
  • How are they held accountable?
  • and more...
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